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Beautiful, powerful, reliable and above all fantastic price quality



The team leader of the R&D department is a lover of boat fishing techniques which, notoriously, require extraordinary performances and reliability.

It seemed useless to start a development of a very high-end product, where sales are dominated by the big Japanese manufacturers of reels. On the other hand, it was immediately fascinating to try to design a beautiful aesthetically pleasing product, of undisputed quality, very robust and reliable and resistant to the difficult conditions imposed by the marine environment. Offered at a staggering price.

The YKOR 5500 came out, a reel that was immediately appreciated from the first public outings.

11 + 1 shielded bearings guarantee an impressive fluidity; the Power Gear ratio of 4.6: 1 instead allows us to have great power at reduced costs, plus making the YKOR compatible with many fishing techniques from the boat.

The Max Drag greatly exceeds the 10 kg maximum value and for this we have decided that soon, we will also place on the market a size 8000, to understand if we can tackle the bluefin tuna fishing with economic equipment, but of great reliability.


  • Infinite anti-return
  • Cross-wound spooling, Worm shaft
  • Main shaft in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Balanced rotor
  • Anti-twist thread guide roller
  • Al-Zn alloy gears with bronze pinion
  • CNC reclining crank
  • Spare aluminum coil
  • Weight 528gr
  • Recovery report 4.6: 1
  • Bearings 11 + 1
  • Capacity 265m / 0.34mm

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Beautiful, powerful, reliable and above all fantastic price quality

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