To best meet the daily needs of the "maxi" sizes



To best meet the daily needs of the "maxi" sizes , Oasy has created a formula based on chicken and other highly functional ingredients , in order to combine maximum lightness with intense nutritional support . This particular anatomy, in fact, often shows a marked tendency to overweight, and therefore requires a food with reduced fat content to keep blood sugar levels under control and counter the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

In addition, maintaining an optimal physical shape also has positive effects on joint health : in large dogs , in fact, there is frequently the presence of dysplasias and arthrosis due to the excessive weight that the limbs are forced to support. For this reason, Oasy croquettes for large-sized adult dogs are formulated with nutritious and low-calorie foods that can provide your friend with all the support he needs without causing weight gain.

Faced with a great wealth of proteins , minerals and antioxidants , chicken meat is particularly "lean" and boasts a marked digestibility that makes it suitable for even the most delicate intestines

In the Oasy formula , Large Large dog croquettes , its beneficial properties are associated with the energy power of rice and barley , carbohydrate sources with a low calorie content and high tolerability.

The integration of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids protects the health of the skin , keeping the coat soft and shiny . In addition, this dry dog food Oasy contains the right dosage of high biological value proteins and essential amino acids to promote a strong and lean muscle mass.

The formula is also enriched with two important chondroprotectors , namely Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate , precious for strengthening cartilage and counteracting joint fragility ; at the same time, calcium , phosphorus and vitamin D3   they nourish the bones , keeping them strong and resistant.

But the well-being of your best friend depends first of all on regular and efficient intestinal activity: in this sense, dry food for adult dogs Oasy Large uses the properties of fibers , excellent regulators of intestinal transit , and prebiotic action. fructoligosaccharides (FOS) and mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) , special ferments capable of stimulating the development of "good" bacteria while fighting the pathogens that cause infections. The activity of these prebiotics best strengthens the intestine by improving digestive processes and preventing the onset of gastrointestinal disorders: this translates into an optimal assimilation of the nutrients contained in the formula , with a beneficial strengthening effect on the immune system .

All the raw materials included in the Oasy Large dog food are carefully selected: the chicken meat is rigorously fresh and processed with special systems that keep its properties and flavor intact.

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To best meet the daily needs of the "maxi" sizes

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