Marine vhf floating radio.


Cobra MR HH350 portable VHF radio, battery powered for use at sea. The Cobra HH350 VHF allows two-way communications, boat-to-boat and boat-to-shore, primarily for safety and secondarily for navigation and operational purposes. With the Cobra HH350 you can ask for help, get information from other boats and support vessels and to make radiotelephone calls anywhere in the world using a marine operator.

Technical features:

  • Power  Selectable between 1, 3 and 6 Watts

  • Waterproofness : Waterproof - JIS7.

  • Withstands immersion at 1Mt for 30 minutes.

  • Scan  Channels : Allows you to find communications in progress by searching for selected channels or memory locations.

  • Matrix Display : Located at the bottom end of the LCD display, it indicates the mode or function in progress.

  • Block  keys : Prevents accidental changes to your settings.

  • Channel  16 : Immediate and priority access to channel 16.

  • Tri - Watch : Allows you to monitor 3 channels at a time - channel 16 and two user programmable.

  • Power supplies (included) 220V / 12V : They allow you to charge the radio wherever you want, leaving the batteries inside.

  • Jack for Loudspeaker and Microphone: Allows the insertion of some optional cobra accessories (microphone, headphones, etc.).

  • Call Tones : 10 tones to select

  • Roger Beep Tone (Selectable): Helps to mark the turn of the conversation, when the transmit key is released, the listener receives an acoustic signal

  • Automatic Transporder Identification System ( ATIS ): Allows the identification of the caller, thanks to the data transmitted at the end of each call.

  • Float : The radio floats if it falls overboard. It has a high visibility orange side band for easy tracking in the water

  • BURP : The Cobra BURP function expels water from the speaker grille if the radio falls into the water or remains in the rain.


Delivered with:

  • VHF HH350

  • Belt clip

  • Strap

  • Antenna

  • Charging socket

  • 220V charger

  • 12V battery charger

  • Battery

  • Manual in Italian

  • Certificate of conformity attached to the last page of the manual

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Marine vhf floating radio.

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